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Ulenspiegel Dances to be accompanied by Prokofievs 7th Symphony

The legendary choreographer Martin Schläpfer has created a new ballet entitled, “Ulenspiegel Dances”. The piece’s premiere is scheduled for 9 February 2019 at the b.38 ballet event at the German Opera on the Rhine in Duisburg. Mr Schläpfer selected Sergei Prokofiev’s 7th Symphony to accompany his new ballet.

“This is a piece of music unlike any other I have selected to accompany a ballet performance,” comments Martin Schläpfer, who has starred in Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet” on countless occasions. The Russian composer’s 7th symphony was written in 1951and is being performed here to accompany Schläpfer’s new ballet, “Ulenspiegel Dances”.
The German Opera on the Rhine in Duisburg has provided an introductory text about the production.According to the text, Schläpfer is fascinated by “things hidden or locked away, by what is said quietly but also by the energy and buoyancy that is sometimes incredibly forceful and is conjured by a composer that neither has to, wants to nor can force anything”. The title refers to the famed enigmatic figure recently depicted by Daniel Kehlmann in his latest novel, “Tyll”, about a jester who one day decides never to die and who “walks through the dark with a laugh that could also be a grin”.

German Opera on the Rhine, Duisburg
World Premiere of the ballet “Ulenspiegel Dances”at the ballet event “b.38”
with Sergey Prokofiev, Syphony Nr. 7 op. 131                       
(Choreography: Martin Schläpfer)