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Second production of Peter Ruzicka's BENJAMIN at the Theater Heidelberg

The opera "BENJAMIN" by Peter Ruzicka, which premiered in Hamburg on 3 June 2018, will be premiered at Theater Heidelberg on 9 February 2019 in a production by Ingo Kerkhof. The Heidelberg Theater is the first stage to present the work premiered at the Hamburg State Opera in a new scenic interpretation.
The Theater Heidelberg writes about the content and the environment of the opera:

"Walter Benjamin is on the run. On his way through the Pyrenees via Spain, he wants to go to the supposedly safe American exile in order to avoid death by the National Socialists.
The Jewish-German philosopher carries nothing but a briefcase with his manuscripts. Encounters with friends and companions such as Hannah Arendt or Bertolt Brecht, worlds of ideas and historical events circle on the way through the mountains in his head as in the fever dream. An intellectual apocalypse that ends with the suicide of Benjamin in the Spanish border town of Port-Bou.
Peter Ruzicka's opera does not intend to biographically approach the life of the philosopher and revolutionary, but is rather the attempt of a music theatre, which wants to record in his dramaturgy the magical pace of his radically marginal thinking, 'said librettist Yona Kim.

Theater Heidelberg
Prem. Peter Ruzicka,
BENJAMIN. Music theatre in seven stations
(Ingo Kerkhof, director)
Musical Director Elias Grandy | Julian Pontus Schirmer
Walter B .: Milenko Turk
Asja L .: Yasmin Özkan
Hannah A .: Shahar Lavi
Dora K .: Denise Seyhan
Gershom Sholem: James Homann
Bertolt B .: Ks. Winfrid Mikus

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