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Czech premiere of Magnum ignotum by Gija Kancheli in Prague

The Ensemble of the Prague Conservatory under the direction of Pavel Trojan will perform the Czech premiere of the "Magnum ignotum" for chamber ensemble and tape of the Georgian composer Giya Kancheli on January 20, 2019 in Prague.
The composer said about this work:
"In my works, I purposely avoid any use of folklore material, but my dream is to approach the spiritual sphere of church songs. 'Magnum ignotum' is no exception here. The very simply presented material serves a single purpose: to bring about a state in which humility arises in the soul in anticipation of divine song. "

Czech. EA Giya Kancheli,
"Magnum ignotum" for chamber ensemble and tape recorder
(Ensemble of the Prague Conservatory, conductor: Pavel Trojan)

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