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The composer Ulrich Leyendecker died on November 29, 2018 at the age of 72 years

On November 29, 2018, our longtime author Ulrich Leyendecker died of heart failure at the age of 72. For over 40 years, the composer was connected to the house Sikorski. The first publishing contract was closed in February 1977.
Ulrich Leyendecker's music is extraordinarily versatile and popular with interpreters of every instrumental genre and provenance. Only a few other composers of his generation have designed a style as stringent and consistent as the composer born in 1946 in Wuppertal. Much of this has Leyendecker, who can look back on a long career as a university professor in Hamburg (1981-1994) and Heidelberg-Mannheim (1994-2005), also pass on to his students. Orchestra works, chamber and piano music as well as vocal music compositions in sometimes quite different ensemble formations dominate Leyendecker's catalog of works. Often work titles refer to an extra-musical inspiration, which the composer processes and reflects in many ways. Characteristic is Leyendecker's clinging to ancient genre terms in music history such as symphony (he still writes the term in the old form), concert or trio. Those who suspect behind them, however, traditionalism and backwardness, wrong. Arnd Richter comments: "The tension between the respective work description and the emotional, formal, compositional solution of the problem poses a music of emotional comprehensibility. The broad arches, which are characteristic of many of his works and which have a decisive influence on the essence of his creative process, are not romanticism but a means of expression in a composition that seeks and favors the larger context, without forgetting the care in detail. "
Leyendecker often took a long time to create his works. The final product was always perfect and in most cases did not change after being released.

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