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Teodor Currentzis conducts Alfred Schnittke

The concerts of the Greco-Russian conductor Teodor Currentzis with his exceptional ensemble MusicAeterna or other orchestras such as the SWR Symphony Orchestra, whose chief conductor he has been since the beginning of this season, have event character. They are gripping, extremely well-prepared, musically balanced, but also emotionally charged so that you can barely escape their impact. Especially when it comes to such a work as Alfred Schnittke's Concerto for Viola and Orchestra. Currentzis conducts the piece at concerts in Stuttgart (13./14.12.), In Mannheim (16.12.), Dortmund (18.12.) and in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie on 19 December 2018. It plays the SWR Symphony Orchestra, the soloist is Antoine Tamestit ,
Schnittke had written the Viola Concerto in 1985 for the violist Yuri Bashmet. It was premiered in 1986 in Amsterdam with Baschmet as a soloist by the Concertgebouw Orkest.

The composer writes:
"In a sense, the work has a (provisional) final meaning - because ten days after the end of the work came the hopeless stroke, and I was able to slowly enter a second circle of life (...). As if in a premonition of the coming, a music emerged with hasty through-life hunting in the second movement and a slow and sad overview of life at the death threshold in the third movement.
Apart from the tonal range, I had to think of any technical limitations of the solo part, because Yuri Bashmet plays everything and everything seemed possible. I dedicated the piece to him and am happy about his survival in the hands of others. "

Elbphilharmonie, Great Hall
Alfred Schnittke:
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1985)
Antoine Tamestit, Viola
SWR Symphony Orchestra; cond.: Teodor Currentzis

Further concerts with this program: Stuttgart (13th / 14th of December), in Mannheim (16th of December) and Dortmund (18th of December)

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