Moritz Eggerts CD Muzak - in memoriam David Bowie and Number Nine VII: Mass nominated for ICMA 2019

The NEOS CD with the works Muzak - in meoriam David Bowie for voice and orchestra and Number Nine VII: Mass for orchestra by Moritz Eggert was nominated for the ICMA 2019 (International Creative Media Award)
The Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks has released the two pieces on the label NEOS on CD in recordings of the festival musica viva. Both pieces are world premiere recordings. Muzak was created in 2016 as a direct reaction of all styles open to Eggert on the death of British singer, musician and producer David Bowie. In the forty-minute piece for voice and orchestra, which we hear here as a live recording of the world premiere, Moritz Eggert himself plays the role of the reciter.
Number Nine VII: Mass for large orchestra from the year 2010 was originally commissioned by "musica viva".
"The piece is so far extreme," comments Eggert, "as actually throughout the entire orchestra plays (semper tutti). There are therefore no significant longer breaks - which are then usually even small breaks - and the page turning must often be done very quickly. In general, the role of the conductor in this piece is very important for the mediation of the music - it should ideally give the impression as if the conductor deliberately shapes the often homogeneous masses of sound with his movements, as if the orchestra responds directly to him."

Photo: Mara Eggert

Moritz Eggert:
"Muzak - in memoriam David Bowie" / "Number Nine VII: Mass"
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks (conductor: David Robertson and Peter Rundel)
NEOS 11730

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