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Piano Trio premieres by Johannes X. Schachtner and Moritz Eggert in Munich

Two world premieres of new piano trio compositions are on the program of a chamber music concert on November 24, 2018 in Munich. Ensemble sonorizzonte with Jessica Kuhn (cello), Elisabeth Kufferath (violin) and Moritz Eggert (piano) will play the works "Follia. Bilder" - Piano Trio No. 2 by Johannes X. Schachtner and "Auf den Punkt" for piano trio and three metronoms by the composer Moritz Eggert, who is also a pianist.

Johannes X. Schachtner says about his work Follia. Pictures - Piano Trio No. 2

"The image of 'Kugelgestalt der Zeit' is inextricably linked to the music of Bernd Alois Zimmermann, who celebrated his 100th birthday this year. I was inspired by this idea to a variation cycle, in which I also consistently apply an almost Zimmermann citation technique.
Over 300 years of music history, I have collected variations on the famous 'La Follia' theme and reassembled to seven images and an epilogue, which approximate the usual dramaturgy of Follia variations and in the last picture in an ecstasy.
In the process, composers as diverse as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Antonio Salieri, Johann Sebastian or CPE Bach will be heard, but never in historically correct chronology or instrumentation. To push this confusion to the extreme, the pianist sometimes switches to historically tuned keyboard instruments and a jazz organ that pays homage to Zimmermann himself."

Moritz Eggert comments "Auf den Punkt" for piano trio and 3 metronomes with the following words:

"As so often before, there was an idea that had to do with an initially abstract musical idea: single, repeated notes, time measurements, beats, metronome picks. The players in different time levels who correspond with each other ...
We Germans are considered punctual people. For us it is important that things get to the point. The metronome was also invented by a German (Mälzel, patented 1815). Brave children practice with metronome. But everyone knows the little inaccuracies that creep in when trying to play on the beat. The human organism is not created for the mechanical precision, it desires on with individual timing.
If music is played by computers, it sounds strange to us 'exactly', everything is neat and always exactly 'to the point'. Meanwhile, music software programmers have gone over to making electronic performance "human" again by incorporating algorithms for inaccuracies. The computer is thus forced to play easily alongside the beat to make it "more humane".
Maybe we humans should be glad that we do not work so exactly to the point, although that many dictators wish. But in the long run, we do not work like that - small deviations occur, not everyone marches in the same bar.
And with this tactlessness, life breaks its course."

UA Johannes X. Schachtner,
"Follia. Pictures" - Piano Trio No. 2
UA Moritz Eggert,
"Auf den Punkt" for piano trio and 3 metronomes
ensemble sonorizzonte:
Jessica Kuhn (Violoncello)
Elisabeth Kufferath (violin)
Moritz Eggert (piano)

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