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World premiere of the Bartleby-Narratorium after Melville by Johannes X. Schachtner

The novel "Batleby the Scribe" from 1853 is the first book published by Herman Melville after his "Moby Dick". It is about a strange copyist, who gets further and further away from reality and finally fails himself. The Bavarian composer Johannes X. Schachtner has taken up the subject in a so-called Narratorium for speaker, female choir and brass quintet, which will be premiered on September 15, 2018 in Hannover. The performers of this piece after a text, the direction and conception of Stefan Wiefel and Volker Bürger are Markus John (speaker), the girls' choir Hannover and the ensemble focus. Under the direction of Gudrun Schröfel and Andreas Felber

Johannes X. Schachtner comments:
"'I would rather not!' This sentence becomes the mantra in Herman Melville's account of the writer Bartleby, with whom Bartleby more and more refused his activity, his social environment and finally himself, which must ultimately and inevitably lead to death ,
The subtitle Narratorium refers to the form of the full-length work: as in an oratorio, commentary, commenting passages of the women's choir alternate with instrumental, sometimes also illustrative parts of the brass. The recitative is replaced by narrated, partly melodramatic sections.
Towards the end, when Bartlebys way into the institution or the death is negotiated, developed from the otherwise almost numerically structured action an oratorio Baroque finale, which almost makes his way to a crossroads. "
UA Johannes X. Schachtner,
"Bartleby". Narratorium for speaker, female choir and brass quintet
(Book, direction and conception: Stefan Wiefel and Volker Bürger)
(Markus John, spokesman
Girls Choir Hannover, Ensemble focus. Cond .: Gudrun Schröfel and Andreas

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