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The Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere is new in our catalogues

Born in Tallinn in 1971, Estonian composer and essayist Jüri Reinvere is the new author in our house. He was educated at the Tallinna Muusikakeskkool in the 1980s. The internationally known composer Lepo Sumera was his composition teacher. In 1990, Reinvere went to continue his studies at the Frederik Chopin Academy of Music Warsaw. He then moved to Finland, where he lived until 2005. There he studied composition at the renowned Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and theology. His connection to the Estonian-Swedish pianist and writer Käbi Laretei, who was once married to the Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, made his already strong turn to literature more and more in the spotlight. Jüri Reinvere has been writing for quite some time and also uses his lyrics in his musical works.

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