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Music by Gubaidulina, Denissow, Raskatov and Suslin at the Yellow Barn Festival 2018 in Putney

Concerts like those at Yellow Barn shouldn't really exist, once wrote The Boston Globe in full of exuberance and added, "And yet they do".
At this year's Yellow Barn Festival from July 6 to August 4, 2018, the following works from our catalogs will be performed:

July 21, 2018
Alexander Raskatov,
"Monk's Music". Seven words of star Siluan for string quartet and solo bass
William Sharp (baritone), Leonard Fu (violin), YuEun Kim (violin), Lauren Siess (viola), Natasha Brofsky (violoncello)
US premiere

July 27, 2018
Sofia Gubaidulina,
"Perception" for soprano, baritone, seven strings and tape
Lucy Shelton (soprano), William Sharp (baritone), Harriet Langley (violin), Juliette Roos (violin), Tegen Davidge (viola), Jesse Morrison (viola), Jean-Michel Fonteneau (violoncello), Christina Basili (violoncello), Peter Walsh (double bass)

1st of August 2018
Edison Denisov,
Quintet for clarinet and string quartet
Alan Kay (clarinet), Magdalena Filipaczak (violin), Eunae Koh (violin), Emily Brandenburg (viola), Edvard Pogossian (violoncello)

3rd August 2018
Viktor Suslin,
"Border crossing" for viola, violoncello and double bass
Tegen Davidge (viola), Yoshika Masuda (cello), Peter Walsh (contrabass)

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