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Irish premiere of Lera Auerbach's viola sonata Arcanum

Dana Zemtsov (Viola) and the pianist Nathalia Milstein bring the viola sonata "Arcanum" by Lera Auerbach to the Irish premiere on 2 July 2018 as part of the West Cork Chamber Music Festival in Bantry, Ireland.
The composer gave the following explanations to the four typesetting titles of the work I. Advenio, II. Cinis, III. Postremo and IV. Adempte.

(Singular Active Indicative)
Advenire, advenio, adveni, adventum
[ad + veniō] come (to), arrive, reach; come with an intention, come from outside, arrive, invest, reach, be brought, in jds. Hands come, insert, occur, emerge, come in time; interea dies advenit- meanwhile it had become day; advenientes ad angulosnoctis until deep into the night.

(Nominative singular masculine)
Cinis, cineris
Residue of fire, ashes; the extinguished or supposedly extinguished ashes of a fire; the burnt-out or smoldering fire of love or enmity; Troia virum et noctium acerbacinis-Troy, bitter ashes of men and nights; Ashes as a state of the body after death (as an existential stage), the 'grave'; cinis hic docta puella fuit- this ashes remained of a wise girl.

(Adverb, ablative masculine by Postremus)
finally, finally, after all else, finally, ultimately (in a logical sequence), as the ultimate, ultimately; at the last opportunity, only recently; for the last time; at the end; as a last resort; to summarize, in short, in fact, after all; primo ... dinde ... postremo - first ... then ... last.

(Vocative Singular Masculine of Ademptus)
Adimere, adimo, ademi, ademptum
[ad + emō] remove something with physical force, take it away; save, save (before death); steal, confiscate; catch, seize; (Life, sleep, etc.) rob; do not want to give, deny, deny, withhold; to rob (a vision); nox the madimat- one day would not be enough [the night would steal the day]; eliminate, banish, expel through exile or death.

Ir. EA Lera Auerbach,
Arcanum.Sonate for viola and piano
(Dana Zemtsov, viola / Nathalia Milstein, piano)
- West Cork Chamber Music Festival -

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