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Dejan Lazics new Rondo Concertante by Mozart for piano and orchestra in San Diego

The Croatian pianist and composer Dejan Lazic had already created a brilliant masterpiece for piano and orchestra with his arrangement of the violin concerto by Johannes Brahms. Now he has turned to a Rondo Concertante by Mozart from his Piano Sonata in B flat major K. 333. The "Rondo Concertante" for piano and orchestra with Dejan Lazic himself as soloist and the Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra under the direction of Michael Francis will take place as part of the San Diego Mainly Mozart Festival on June 23, 2018 in San Diego.

The composer says about his work:

"Is not a cadenza in the movement of a classical piano sonata unusual for the genre? This thought was the starting point - and a charming challenge at the same time - to translate the final Rondo movement from the Piano Sonata in B flat major, K. 333, into a concertante version. The formal structure and clearly separated piano and forte sections of the original, which can be presented as typical solo and tutti passages, supported the project. Mozart's own arrangements of the Piano Sonatas op. 5 by Johann Christian Bach for the three Piano Concertos KV 107 were additional sources of inspiration. And is not it the case that Mozart's works for solo piano "recognize" the characters of his operas? So it should also be possible to imagine the instruments from Mozart's symphonies in the Forte or Tutti sections of the underlying piano sonata. I was mainly inspired by the final movements from the B major piano concertos K. 238, 450, 456 and 595. It was possible to leave the piano part in the original text, but in the orchestral movement it was also my highest concern, the spirit to remain true to the original. "

San Diego
UA W.A. Mozart / Dejan Lazic,
"Rondo concertante" for piano and orchestra
(Dejan Lazic, piano
Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra
Ltg .: Michael Francis)
- Mainly Mozart Festival San Diego -

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