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Teodor Currentzs bringt „k-hole / schwarzer horizont“ von Marko Nikodijevic zur russischen Erstaufführung

Das russische Ausnahmeensemble MusicAeterna unter der Leitung des Star-Dirigenten Teodor Currentzis bringt am 18. Juni 2018 in Perm das Werk „k-hole / schwarzer horizont“, drone (with song) for ensemble and electronica for Robert Henke des serbischen Zeitgenossen Marko Nikodijevic zur russischen Erstaufführung.
Der Komponist schrieb dazu folgenden Einführungstext in englischer Sprache:

“And if you look into the abyss for a long time, the abyss will also look into you.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Taking large amounts of ketamine causes states resembling out-of-body and near-death experiences, accompanied by strange and vivid hallucinations. Engulfed in darkness, one drifts through the abyss, with an enormous black horizon bordering one’s sight. Trapped in a temporarily paralysed body, one finds oneself in a frozen state (the “K-hole”), aware only of a world within; time and space cease to exist. This piece is the documentation of an experience, made according to the best of my knowledge and in all conscience.
The composition is based on a Mongolian song, harrowing, as if the desert itself were singing. I am grateful to Gary Berger, who made this field recording in Mongolia in 2012. My piece outlines the edges of the acoustic reality of this music: the recording has been heavily processed, while the instruments imitate the physical processes of its sound production (the characteristic “overtone” singing). Instead of composing a counterpoint, then, I have built a protective wall surrounding the original and processed recording of the song. Two spaces interlock, expanding into infinity.”
(Marko Nikodijevic)

Russ. EA Marko Nikodijevic,                                   
k-hole / schwarzer horizont                                   
(Orchestra MusicAeterna, Ltg.: Teodor Currentzis)

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