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Eleven Chorale preludes by Brahms in an orchestration

The well-known by many spectacular arrangements editor Jochen Neurath has edited the late work "Eleven Chorale Preludes" by Johannes Brahms for chamber orchestra. The fascinating work will be premiered on 15 June 2018 as part of the International Organ Week Nuremberg by the Bach Orchestra Nuremberg under the baton of Bernhard Buttmann.

Jochen Neurath:

In his posthumous Eleven Chorale Preludes, op. 122, Johannes Brahms has bridged both the past, the contrapuntal techniques of Johann Sebastian Bach, and the future, to the limits of tonality on the one hand and aspects of neoclassicism on the other.
I have already worked on Bach's 'Art of the Fugue' for chamber orchestra and the 'Goldberg Variations' for orchestra, in the tradition of Anton Webern, using the dense interlinking of the originals as an occasion for tight color changes, and so, without changing a note, as well as the original analyzed by this type of instrumentation, as, conversely, the newly-lit body of Bach's music was re-illuminated.
I draw on these experiences in my chamber orchestra adaptation of the chorale preludes, and listen to the different time layers of Brahms's music and its melancholy in the face of a declining epoch. "

UA Johannes Brahms / Neurath,
"Eleven Chorale Preludes" for chamber orchestra
(Bachorchester Nuremberg
Ltg .: Bernhard Buttmann)
- International Organ Week Nuremberg -