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Leyendecker’s “Evocazione” on the Soirée

Ulrich Leyendecker’s orchestral piece “Evocazione” will be broadcast on 19 April on NDR Kultur.

The NDR editorial staff of “das neue werk” have organised a two-day festival of contemporary music entitled “Neues aus Hamburg” (New Works from Hamburg) in cooperation with the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre at the Rolf Liebermann Studio of the NDR on 21 and 22 February 2009, opening up a forum for professors and students alike for the presentation of new pieces and their own interpretations.

Ulrich Leyendecker began his work in 1971 as an instructor of theory at the Hamburg Music Academy. In 1975 he received the furtherance prize of the Province of Nordrhein-Westfalen and enjoyed a study-sojourn at the Villa Massimo a few years later in 1978/79.

Leyendecker became Professor of Composition and Theory at the Hamburg Music Academy in 1981, moved to the Mannheim Music Academy in 2004, also as Professor of Composition, and has been working as a freelance composer for about four years.

The piece “Evocazione” for orchestra, to be broadcast on 19 April (10:00 PM until midnight) by NDR Kultur on the programme called “Soirée,” was composed in the spring of 2006 for the orchestra of the Southwest German Radio and premiered in Kaiserslautern. The term “Evocatione” means evocation, and is intended here as a kind of “conjuring-up” in a musical, compositional sense, but also in a mystical, extra-musical sense. Three melodic elements from the commander scene of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” form the basis for the compositional development.

The evocation in the development of the elements becomes more intense, according to Leyendecker, through precisely composed accelerandi and ritardandi, quick changes of tempo, insistent but slightly varied rhythms, sharp cuts and the juxtaposition or layering of the darkest and brightest colours.