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The German Edition of the Russian Piano School Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

The German version of the Russian Piano School, the most important pedagogical work for pianists, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. This method, published in many individual volumes and with much audio material, has developed into a standard work for piano teaching. This work, edited by Julia Suslin and issued in two volumes (SIK 2353 and SIK 2354) and two double CDs with recordings (SIK 2353 C and SIK 2354 C), has been supplemented by a tape (SIK 2379) and another accompanying double CD (SIK 2379 C). The Russian Piano School is available both with and without audio CDs with recordings of the pieces contained therein.
Further information, audio and printed examples can be found on the Russian Piano School’s own website:
Nikolayev, Alexander
The Russian Piano School
Volume 1
Editor: Suslin, Julia
SIK 2353
Volume 1 with double CD (recordings)
SIK 2353 A
Volume 1 double CD separately (recordings)
SIK 2353 C

The Russian Piano School
Volume  2
Editor: Suslin, Julia
SIK 2354
Volume 2 with double CD (recordings)
SIK 2354 A
Volume 2 double CD separately (recordings) 
SIK 2354 C

The Russian Piano School
Editor: Suslin, Julia
SIK 2379
Tape: with double CD (recordings)
SIK 2379 A
Tape: with double CD separately (recordings)
SIK 2379 C

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