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Michaela Rea Catranis Wins the TONALi18 Composition Prize

The winner of the TONALi18 Composition Prize is the composer Michaela Rea Catranis, born in 1985 in Princeton, New Jersey (USA). Her six-minute work for violoncello solo “Jeita” will be this year’s required piece for all TONALi18 cellists. Moreover, the work will be performed at the TONALi18 Finale in the summer of 2018 at the Elbphilharmonie. The printed edition of the work will be issued by our publishing house, as is customary; further information will be provided in due course.
The title “Jeita” has a double meaning. Firstly, Jeita is the name of a district in Lebanon, noted for the karstic limestone caverns in the almost nine-kilometre wide Nahr a-Kalb Valley. Secondly, the roots of the word “Jeita” are also found in the Aramaic word “Ge’itts”, which means “roaring” or “noise”. Michaela Rea Catranis had a cave as the symbol of isolation and creativity in mind whilst composing her work for cello solo. “A quiet, hidden place of self-observation”, as the composer says. In addition, the “roaring” in this piece plays an important role; Catranis calls it “a primordial, energising, deep-bellied and life-giving roar, not an aggressive one. It represents the impulse of creative energy: both the instinct to create and the flow of energy awakened through the process of creation.”

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