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Moritz Eggert's homage to the passion for collecting: world premiere of

Collecting is a human passion. Or better said, it was a prerequisite for survival from the beginning of our development. The hunter-gatherer past has left its mark on our behavior. The composer Moritz Eggert now dedicates his new composition "The Collectors" for piano and percussion to the theme. On April 22, 2018, the work will be premiered by Duo Simons / Napolov in Wilp.
Drummer Konstantyn Napolov graduated cum laude in 2015 at Koninklijk Conservatorium te The Hague. He attended master classes u.a. Peter Sadlo, Mark Pekarski, Christian Dierstein, Paul Mootz and Marta Klimasara. Since 2014, Napolov has been solo timpanist with the Mannheim Philharmonic. For some time Napolov has been working together with the Dutch pianist Eke Simons in a duo.

Moritz Eggert says to "The Collectors":

I have been collecting things all my life. Books, Comics, Board Games, Whisky, it is terrible. Both my father and my grandfather were obsessive collectors. My father sometimes outsourced the books to take over the rooms of his children. My grandfather stored books in two, sometimes three rows, until the shelves nearly collapsed. My grandmother left him because she basically had no room anymore for her and her children.

Although I am not quite that bad (I hope) the idea of collecting has always fascinated me. As composers we are collectors of music. The idea that music is magically created out of nothing in our heads is nonsense, in fact we are constantly assembling and reassembling the gigantic library of music in our heads. Therefore the term "composer" instead of "music inventor" is quite correct in my opinion.
In my piece "The Collectors" I want to find a way to tell the story of how music is collected, how it consists of sounds and ideas and events that slowly begin to make sense because they are arranged in a certain order.
Both piano and tuned percussion are instruments that can collect a vast range of notes. It is in the nature of these instruments to "collect". My piece "The Collectors" will be a journey into this vast array, perhaps it is a "Dutch Collection", or a "German Collection" or both, who knows?
To collect is to try find meaning in a seemingly disordered world. I always have the feeling that it secretly makes a lot of sense. Both the world and collecting.

UA Moritz Eggert:
„The Collectors“ for piano and percussion
Duo Simons / Napolov

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