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“Mama Loo - The Big Les Humphries Party” in Hamburg’s Engelsaal

The first Les Humphries musical in the history of the musical will be celebrating its world premiere on 9 February 2018 at the Engelsaal in Hamburg. The premiere will attract numerous fans of the legendary star and founder of the Les Humphries Singers; Hamburg is the perfect location for it because the group and the band leader, who died in December 2007, had a very close connection to the Hanseatic city.
The director of the Hamburg Engelsaal, Karl-Heinz Wellerdieck, has assembled the musical “Mama Loo – the Big Les Humphries Party” out of well-known music titles by the Les Humphries Singers. Using a total of 25 hits by Les Humphries, it tells an exciting and charming story that can be summed up as follows:
“Jo is a clever fellow, the super-brain, as his friends call him. He has just completed his studies in physics and astrophysics with a summa cum laude. Now he wants to celebrate this event with his partner Biggi and best friends Malte and Kevin with their girlfriends Saskia and Chantal. However, there awaits a surprise for these five in the cellar of Jo’s parents’ house, which he has converted into a laboratory for carrying out experiments.
Jo is not there when the friends arrive; only a strange apparatus blinks in the corner and they all wonder what it could be. They are quite surprised when a wall suddenly opens up and Jo approaches them in Roman clothing, explaining to them that he has just come from the year 112 B.C., for he has developed a time machine. 
Jo can prove it by sending each of his friends on a time-travel journey. But there is suddenly a malfunction, and Jo and Biggi are stuck in the year 1972, right in the middle of a concert by the Les Humphries Singers….“
“Mama Loo – The Big Les Humphries Party”
World Premiere:
Engelsaal in Hamburg,
Valentinskamp 40-42,
20355 Hamburg

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