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American Premiere of Peter Ruzicka’s “ELEGY: Memory for Orchestra”

The world premiere of his third opera BENJAMIN at the Hamburg State Opera on 3 June 2018 will be a central event for Peter Ruzicka during this new year. Before that, however, there will be many performances of other works by this composer.
Ruzicka‘s “ELEGY: Memory for Orchestra“ composed in 2015 and dedicated to the conductor Christian Thielemann will be given its American premiere on 26 January 2018 in St. Louis, with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Robertson. In this moving composition, Ruzicka refers to the final 13 bars written by Richard Wagner, which the composer played for friends at the Palazzo Vendramin on the eve of his death. Ruzicka feels these bars as a declaration of love to Cosima – in the form of a mysterious question.
”The ‘Elegy‘ appears like a musical self-observation which points, as if from afar, to ‘Tristan’ and the events surrounding its creation“, Peter Ruzicka explains. “Wagner’s piano sketches have occupied me for quite a long time. Their openness and lack of determinacy stimulated me to think about how they could continue, to a undertake very personal musical approach and removal. For this, I selected the sonic potential of a string orchestra, which is subjected to the impulses and ‘shadow sounds’ of the percussion. Wagner’s question remains. And it also appears to be unanswerable today…“

St. Louis
US Premiere
Peter Ruzicka
“ELEGY: memory for Orchestra”
(St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, cond.: David Robertson)

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