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Guoping Jia with World and Local Premieres in New York and Berlin

The new ensemble piece “Diaspora” by Guoping Jia was just recently premiered in December 2017 in Berlin, and we can already report on another world premiere and an American premiere of works by this exceptional Chinese composer in Germany and the USA.
The world premiere of the new work “Ripples in Spacetime II” for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano by Guoping Jia will be given at the festival Ultraschall in Berlin on 19 January 2018. The performers will be Nina Janßen-Deinzer (clarinet), Sarah Saviet (violin), Lucas Fels (violoncello) and Nicolas Hodges (piano).
Moreover, the work “Floating over a Boundless Field” for flute and piano by Guoping Jia will be given its American premiere at the American music festival “Focus! Festival 2018 I China Today” on 22 January 2018 in New York. The flutist Giorgio Consoilati will be the soloist and the name of the pianist had not yet been announced at the time of this report. The Chinese composer Guoping Jia has the following to say about this work, which was composed in 2001/2002 in response to a commission from the Swiss concert series “Musica riservata”:
“The title refers the sentence ‘enter the gate of the unending, to enjoy myself in the fields of the illimitable’ in the article Zai You written by Zhuangzi who was an influential Taoist philosopher in ancient China. In composer’s view, the title connotes the boundless creativity that is indeed a process of self–exploration through searching for all developmental possibilities based on the chosen and defined musical materials. It would be an ideal state for reaching the land of absolute freedom in the mind.
Relying on the characteristics of traditional Chinese instrumental music, such as rich timbres, performing techniques and poetic breathings, Jia manipulates multiple music elements across flute and piano, and creates new sounds on the two western instruments under the Chinese traditional aesthetics. Jia pursues in this piece a sense of supreme freedom of musical expression.” 
(Guoping Jia)

World Premiere:
Guoping Jia,
“Ripples in Spacetime II” for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
(Nina Janßen-Deinzer, clarinet / Sarah Saviet, violin / Lucas Fels, violoncello / Nicolas Hodges, piano)
- Festival Ultraschall –

New York
Guoping Jia,
“Floating over a Boundless Field”
(Giorgio Consolati, flute / n.n., piano)
- Focus Festival 2018 I China today -   

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