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Oboe Concert AULODIE by Peter Ruzicka in Hongkong

The Oboe Concerto AULODIE by Peter Ruzicka, premiered in 2011 at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival by the oboist Albrecht Mayer, will receive its Chinese premiere on 1 December 2017 in Hongkong, with the Hongkong Philharmonic Orchestra and oboe soloist François Leleux conducted by the composer.
Peter Ruzicka states that his music for oboe comprises seven scenes in an uninterrupted sequence of varying densities, durations and instrumental balance. "'Aulos' was an ancient Greek instrument that was sounded at special occasions: as a belligerent working song, a song of mourning, weapon dance or at Satyr games that culminated in wild revelry. In AULODIE, too, extreme emotional situations determine the seven scenes of the composition. Throughout this, the music often seems to stand still, listening to itself and pointing out things that have sounded earlier. AULODIE may be considered my most 'novel-like, fanciful' work."

Chinese premiere: Peter Ruzicka,                        
(François Leleux, oboe
Hongkong Philharmonic Orchestra   
cond. Peter Ruzicka)

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