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World Premiere of Moritz Eggert's Papyrus of Sappho

Moritz Eggert's new vocal work "Papyrus of Sappho (Tithonus)" for soprano and piano will receive its world premiere on 8 December 2017, performed by Andrea Oswald (soprano) and Gerold Huber (piano) during the course of the festival ADEvantgarde in Munich. The composer's work is based on the text of a fragment, reconstructed in 2004, stored in the Papyrus Collection of the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Cologne. The composer notes that the completed or illegible passages are also brought out in the musical setting, and are to be sung with a different, more neutral expression.
Here is the text:

(1 [ ] the purple-belted
[Muses] beautiful gifts, maidens,
2 [ ] the bright-toned lyre that
loves song.
3 [I was moved (?)] already the once
[tender] skin of the age,
4 [white] the hairs became out of black;
5 My heart is made heavy (thymos), the knee 
(gona) does not carry,
6 what was once easy to dance, like young deer.
7 I sigh over this often. But what can I do?
8 One cannot become ageless when one is a human being.
9 For they also said of Tithonos, that the rose-armed Eos
10 once carried him out of longing for love (?) to the
end of the earth,
11 the young and beautiful one, but 
in time
12 grey age seized him, although he
had an immortal wife.
World Premiere: Moritz Eggert,                           
Papyrus of Sappho (Tithonos)                   
(Andrea Oswald, soprano,
Gerold Huber, piano)
- Festival ADEvantgarde -

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