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Two Important Premieres of Lera Auerbachs 72 Angels and Seraphim Canticles

The works of the Russian-American composer Lera Auerbach are being performed all over the world. The Polish premiere of Auerbach's work "72 Angels: In Splendorelucis" for choir and saxophone quartet will be given in Krakow on 26 November 2017, performed by the Krakow Singers accompanied by the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and directed by Karol Kusz. The concert will take place during the course of the festival "SacrumProfanum". During the coming months there will be additional premieres of this work, about which we shall keep you informed.
On the same day, 26 November 2017, Joanna Westers and Annebeth Webb (violins), Joel Waterman and Adrian Pinzaru (violas), Laure Le Dantec and Claudio Pasceri (violoncellos) will perform the Italian premiere of Auerbach's "Seraphim Canticles": Sextet for 2 Violins, 2 Violas and 2 Violoncelli in Ivrea. This concert is part of the EstOvest Festival.
Polish Premiere: Lera Auerbach,                                       
"72 Angels: In Splendorelucis"                                    
for Choir and Saxophone Quartet
(Krakow Singers                                   
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, cond. Karol Kusz)
- during the course of the festival "SacrumProfanum" -
Italian Premiere: Lera Auerbach,                               
"Seraphim Canticles": Sextet for 2 Violins,                            
2 Violas and 2 Violoncelli
(Joanna Westers, Violin I
Annebeth Webb, Violin II
Joel Waterman, Viola I
Adrian Pinzaru, Viola II
Laure Le Dantec, Violoncello I
Claudio Pasceri, Violoncello II)
- during the course of the EstOvest Festival -

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