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John Neumeier Dances a New Version of Don Quixote by Ludwig Minkus

The ballet "Don Quixote" based on the world famous novel by Miguel Cervantes and music by Ludwig Minkus is a classic of ballet literature. The musical version of the "Don Quixote" score was provided by John Lanchbery. This British composer/conductor of Australian origins, who died in 2003, was especially renowned for his ballet works. Lanchbery's orchestration of "Don Quixote" was made from the three-act music by Ludwig Minkus with an introduction by Marius Petipa.
The Hamburg star choreographer and ballet director John Neumeier dedicated his new production of "Don Quixote“, to be premiered at the Hamburg State Opera on 10 December 2017, both to the 100th anniversary of the death of Ludwig Minkus and the 200th birthday of the choreographer Marius Petipa in 2018.
John Neumeier explains:
"'Don Quixote’ belongs to the great masterworks of classical choreography, which I have staged with my company in a loosely connected sequence: 'La Fille mal gardée' (Frederick Ashton), 'Jewels' (George Balanchine) and 'Dances at a Gathering / The Concert' (Jerome Robbins). After thorough research, I decided to present 'Don Quixote’ in the version by Rudolf Nureyev. In my opinion, this is the most convincing version of the ballet, which simultaneously brings out the quality of the Hamburg Ballet most effectively."

Hamburg State Opera   
Ludiwg Minkus / John Lanchbery   
Ballet "Don Quixote"
(Version by Rudolf Nureyev)

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