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IMAGES FROM CHILDHOOD. Twelve pieces for piano

Composer: Auerbach, Lera
Playing time: 11:00
Opus/Year: 52 (2000)
Genre: Piano music
Instrumentation: Klav


Frage / Question
Was fr eine Geschichte! / What a Story!
Dialog / Dialogue
Streit / Quarrel
Eine alte Fotografie aus der Kindheit der Groeltern / An old Photograph from the Grandparent's Childhood
Nach dem Krieg (Das Totenfeld) / After the War (The Field of the Dead)
Entscheidung / Decision
Familienfeier / Family Holiday
Trotzig / Stubborn
E-Kreaturen / E-Creatures
Schatten an der Wand / Shadows on the Wall
Gebet / Prayer

In printed editions:

Auerbach, Lera