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New Music by Johannes X. Schachtner at the

There will be world premieres of two new compositions by Johannes X. Schachtner at the concert "Music of the Spheres" during the course of the "Long Night of the Munich Museums" on 14 October 2017. Firstly, the chamber choir and violoncello ensemble of the collegium:bratananium will present the new version of Schachtner's "Eutopia" for choir and violoncello quartet at the whiteBOX in Munich. Secondly, the choir will premiere Schachtner's "Meditation and Aphorism" (on texts by Berkan Karpat and Zafer Senocak). The composer himself will conduct the concert.
Johannes X. Schachtner comments on his work "Meditation and Aphorism" as follows:
"The setting of the texts by Berkan Karpat and Zafer Senocak was originally undertaken as a commission for the installation of 'DNA of Forgetting'. This is concerned with collective and personal mourning and memory, together with their ritualistic, social and cultural processing. My composition also reacts to this subject: a simple motif of a second that mostly sounds in thirds or tenths becomes a ritual through its constant repetition. The verses then charge the motif semantically before it is resolved in aphoristic brevity in the coda, apparently coming to an end."
Johannes X. Schachtner's adaptation of Johanna M. Beyer's "Music of the Spheres" for violoncello ensemble and his own work "Lunula II" for two violoncelli will also be performed.
The concert programme will be repeated on the following day, 15 October 2017, at the Realschule in Gauting (Aula, 7:00 PM).
14 October 2017
whiteBOX, 6:00 PM
World premieres: Johannes X. Schachtner,
"Eutopia": version for choir and violoncello quartet
"Meditation and Aphorism" for mixed choir
based on texts by Berkan Karpat and Zafer Senocak
Chamber Choir and Violoncello Ensemble of the collegium:bratananium
Johannes X. Schachtner (conductor)

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