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Two Concert Highlights with Works by Johannes X. Schachtner in September 2017

The German premiere of Johannes X. Schachtner’s “Pacifico” (Hymn for piano four hands) will be given in Munich on 20 September 2017. The composer comments as follows:
“The Italian word ‘pacifico’ (peace-loving, calm, clear, the Pacific Ocean) accompanied me during work on my composition for piano four hands. The work is spun out of a tower of fifths spanning all the octaves of the keyboard. The central C major, conjuring up a hymn, repeatedly shines through; the widely extended chordal passages, a hymn accompanied by a kithara in fifths, is repeatedly interrupted by eruptive interjections – the apparently eternal struggle for peace. For all that, the fifth as the principal interval plays a Janus-like role. On the one hand, as a clear, bright, calm interval; on the other hand, as a point of departure for a totally rough type of chromaticism in a multi-layered design.”

This portrait concert of the Münchner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V. (Munich Society for New Music) in the seidlvilla will also feature  Schachtner’s works “Nature/Sound/Dance” for natural trumpet, natural horn and piano, his “Jägarna på Karinhall” for solo Wagner tuba, the Etude on the poem “Schtzngrmm” for trumpet and excerpts from his newly composed “Hodge-Podge II” for trumpet and piano. The interpreters will be Henri Bonamy and Johannes X. Schachtner (piano), Matthew Sadler (trumpet) and Lukas Rüdisser (horn).

Another Schachtner event will take place a few days later in Sion, Switzerland. The soloists Ruth Bonuccelli-Bouvier (violoncello) and Lauriane Follonier (piano) will perform the Swiss premiere of Schachtner’s Relief No. 3 “ich schrei aus tiefer Not” on 24 September 2017 at the Temple protestant. In this work, dedicated to the cellist Julius Berger, the composer paraphrases Bach’s chorale prelude “Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir” BWV 686 from the “Deutsche Orgelmesse” (German Organ Mass).

20 September 2017
seidlvilla, 8 PM
German premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Pacifico”. Hymn for piano for four hands
Henri Bonamy, Johannes X. Schachtner (piano)

24 September 2017
Temple protestant, 5 PM
Swiss premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner   
“ich schrei aus tiefer Not”. Relief No. 3 for violoncello and piano
freely adapted from prelude BWV 686 by Johann Sebastian Bach 
Ruth Bonuccelli-Bouvier (violoncello)
Lauriane Follonier (piano)


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