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Maximilian Mangold’s Recording of Ulrich Leyendecker’s Trois Nocturnes for Guitar

The composer Ulrich Leyendecker (born 1946) has had an intensive relationship with the guitar for many years. In 2005 he wrote an interesting Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra that is highly regarded by guitarists. The Trois Nocturnes for solo guitar, composed in 2013/14, are just as attractive and present an enormous technical challenge to performers. The guitarist Maximilian Mangold is thoroughly familiar with Leyendecker’s works and has now recorded the Trois Nocturnes on his new CD entitled “Rays. Light – New Compositions for Guitar Solo” on the Musicaphon label.

There are enormous fluctuations in mood in these highly varied pieces. In terms of sound and technique, the Nocturnes, lasting between seven and nine minutes, contain quite a few surprises.

Leyendecker comments on his Trois Nocturnes as follows:
“The nocturne is a fantasia form originating during the Romantic period. My Trois Nocturnes incorporate the nocturnal atmosphere with its various associations of seasons, warmth and coldness, silence and stormy winds. Sensual themes, calmly flowing tempi, hectic outbursts, schematic  illusory images, poles of stillness and disintegration are combined to form a loose fantasia form in the flow of time. Recurring sections appear in new correlations, in different colours, lengths or altered tendencies. All are based on the principal of developing variation.”

Ulrich Leyendecker:
Trois Nocturnes for Guitar Solo
Maximilian Mangold (guitar)
Musicaphon M55726


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