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World Premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner’s String Quartet No. 2 at the “AMMERSEErenade”

The String Quartet No. 2 “quasi una serenata” by Johannes X. Schachtner will be given at this year’s festival “AMMERSEErenade” (27.08. to 02.09.2017) on 28 August 2017 in Dießen. Schachtner’s chamber work, completed in 2015, will be performed by the Auriga String Quartet at the concert hall of the Augustinum in Ammersee.

The composer has supplied the following commentary on his String Quartet No. 2:
“The title of my Second String Quartet refers to the genre of the serenade, found especially frequently during the Classical period and in the string works of the Romantic period. This is usually a loose arrangement of individual movements which also have a dancelike character. At the same time, the serenade is also often regarded as a ‘little’ or ‘cheerful’ sister of the symphony, sometimes — as in the case of Johannes Brahms’s serenades — even serving as preliminary studies. I would also like to designate the four rather brief movements of my String Quartet as character studies. Each piece is based on its very own type of motion that determines the character of that piece. The expressive spectrum ranges from the dancelike first movement (‘floating’) and the vigorous second movement (‘rigid’) to the almost morbid — due to the scordatura of the second violin — cantabile movement (‘hesitant’) and the spherical final movement (‘dreaming’) which concludes the work in an apparently conciliatory manner with a ‘cello serenade’ accompanied by the high strings.”

Schachtner’s String Quartet No. 2 was commissioned by the AMMERSEErenade, founded in 2014.

The organisers of the “AMMERSEErenade” are announcing the festival as follows:
“As a ‘resident festival’ of the Munich metropolitan region this summer, the classics and arts festival AMMERSEErenade invites you to join us by the idyllic Lake Ammer. From the monastery church to the boat house, from the renovated barn to the century-old parking facility – all the ‘performance venues’ offer first-class experiences in the art of chamber music. A unique region in southern Germany is proud to present itself as a presenter of the highest standards, able to look back on a centuries-old, multi-facetted cultural tradition.”

28 August 2017
Concert Hall of the Augustinum Ammersee, 8 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
String Quartet No. 2 “quasi una serenata”
Auriga String Quartet

Copyright of the photo: AMMERSEErenade


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