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World Premieres of Schachtner Works in Augsburg and Munich

The guitarist Stefan Barcsay will be the world premiere soloist performing Johannes X. Schachtner’s new guitar solo piece “Rounddance (...In a Calm Sea)” on 2 July 2017 at the Diözesanmuseum (Diocese Museum) St. Afra in Augsburg. The composer wrote this “Rounddance” for Stefan Barcsay, who has already announced further performances for the summer and autumn of 2017.

Johannes X. Schachtner has offered the following comments on his work “Rounddance (...In a Calm Sea)”:
“After my work ‘Furiant’ of 2007, another guitar solo work has been written ten years later. The sonority of this album leaf is determined by a special scordatura based on the natural tone scale on C. Thus this intimate little ‘Rounddance’ repeatedly sounds like the accompaniment to a Schubert Lied.”

The world premiere of Schachtner’s “Pianino poetico II” for piano six-hands will take place on 16 July 2017 during the course of the event series ‘white BOX’ in Munich. Sophie Neeb, Tamino Bauknecht and Johannes X. Schachtner himself will present the work completed in 2015. Schachtner wrote his “Pianino poetico II” in view of the New Music repertoire list of the competition ‘Jugend musiziert’ (Youth Making Music).

The composer on “Pianino poetico II”:
“As with ‘Pianino poetico I’ for piano, my second little cycle is (also) written for young pianists. The unusual scoring for piano 6 hands enables one to create very different sonic effects. Thus the piano in the first movement apparently begins ‘babbling’ — the chord structures approach the spectrum of a spoken voice. In the second movement there is an homage to Robert Schumann’s ‘Album for the Young’ with a twinkle in my eye, the piano begins ‘singing’ before black and white clusters pile up in the third movement to form chords almost jazzy in nature. And finally, in the fourth movement, the piano starts ‘making noise’: various preparations ensure that it is transformed into a ‘Janissary piano’ and plays ‘alla turca’.”

2 July 2017
Diözesanmuseum St. Afra, 8 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Rounddance (...In a Calm Sea)”. Album leaf for solo guitar
Stefan Barcsay (guitar)

16 July 2017
whiteBOX, 11 AM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Pianino poetico II” for piano six-hands
Sophie Neeb, Tamino Bauknecht and Johannes X. Schachtner (piano)


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