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American Premiere: Marko Nikodijevic’s “tiefenrausch” in New York

During the course of the ‘MoMA’ (Museum of Modern Art) Summer Garden 2017 Marko Nikodijevic’s string quartet “tiefenrausch” (Quartetto d‘archi n° 1) will be given its American premiere on 23 July 2017 in New York. The Verona Quartet consists of Jonathan Ong and Dorothy Ro (violins) as well Abigail Rojansky (viola) and Warren Hagerty (violoncello) will perform the work at the Museum of Modern Art.

Marko Nikodijevic about “tiefenrausch”:
“(...) Tiefenrausch (Rapture of the Deep) is a narcosis-like condition that begins from a diving depth of about 30 metres. Characteristics for this intoxicating condition range from an initial tranquillity and impaired logical reasoning through to euphoria, claustrophobia, acoustic hallucinations, tunnel vision, vertigo and paranoia, right up to loss of consciousness and, in extreme cases, even death. Musically the new piece is a continuation of the voyage of discovery into psychedelic worlds of my previous pieces such as ‘GHB / tanzaggregat’ and ‘K-hole / schwarzer horizont’”.

23 July 2017
New York
Museum of Modern Art, 6:30 PM
American premiere: Marko Nikodijevic
“tiefenrausch”. Quartetto d‘archi n° 1
Verona Quartet:
Jonathan Ong (violin)
Dorothy Ro (violin)
Abigail Rojansky (viola)
Warren Hagerty (violoncello)


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