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“Romeo and Juliet” – Film Concert with the NDR Radiophilharmonie under Frank Strobel in Hannover

“The music of Prokofiev functions wonderfully on the screen,” conductor Frank Strobel confirms with enthusiasm. He will be presenting the Russian ballet film “Romeo and Juliet” with the NDR Radiophilharmonie  (NDR Radio Philharmonic) as a film concert on 1 and 2 June 2017 in the Large Broadcasting Hall of the NDR in Hannover.

Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet music, commissioned for the Moscow Bolschoi Theatre, was not originally greeted with much enthusiasm there. The prima ballerina Galina Ulanova, for example, flatly refused to dance the piece. When she finally danced it later, the audience was thrilled - and the worldwide triumph of “Romeo and Juliet” began. In 1954 the Soviet director Lev Arnshtam, himself a composer, made a film version of the ballet with the original Bolschoi ensemble including Ulanova and her partner Yuri Zhdanov. The opulently extravagant film won a number of awards, including the prize in Cannes.

The second concert on 2 June 2017 will be broadcast live on NDR Kultur.

1/2 June 2017
Large Broadcasting Hall of the NDR, each at 8 PM
(Introduction to the concert: each at 7 PM, with Frank Strobel)
Film concert: “Romeo and Juliet”
Ballet film by Lew Arnshtam (1954) including the live performed
original music by Sergei Prokofiev
NDR Radiophilharmonie
Frank Strobel (conductor)


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