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75th Birthday of Viktor Suslin on 13 June 2017

Viktor Suslin studied at the Gnessin Institute in Moscow, specialising in composition with Nikolai Peyko, the composition teacher of von Sofia Gubaidulina, and piano with Anatoly Vedernikov. He began working independently at a time when the political-cultural “thaw” came to an abrupt end in October 1964. No less frequently than those of older colleagues, his works were officially banned from performance, which finally caused him to emigrate to Germany in 1981. In terms of character, Suslin was more a lyricist than a dramatist. He avoids simple contrasts and outwardly dramaturgical effects in his works. Although most of his works have programmatic titles, they do not aim to express the extra-musical. His catalogue of works is not particularly extensive, but contains great variety. Since he avoided repeating himself, each new work was very individual in regards to its composition. The timbre and colour of music had a form-generating significance for Suslin.

Viktor Suslin died on 10 July 2012.

Copyright of the photo: Archive Suslin


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