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Weinberg’s “Congratulations!” in Heidelberg

Mieczysław Weinberg‘s chamber opera “Congratulations!” will be given its German premiere at the Heidelberg Theatre on 28 May 2017 in the original version in Russian under the musical direction of Olivier Pol. Yona Kim will be in charge of directing the production. “Congratulations!” was already presented in September 2012 at the Berlin Konzerthaus in a chamber ensemble version.

In this piece, a kitchen becomes the temporary “place of refuge for the discontented”: in the affluent household of a Jewish lady in Odessa at the turn of the twentieth century, Belya is busy in the kitchen preparing a festive dinner for the upcoming engagement of the daughter of the house. The widowed cook laments her tedious work and her lonely life without her husband. Several persons of the “lower class” come to visit, keeping Belya from working whilst singing songs of mourning about love, money, alcohol and politics.

Further performances of “Congratulations!” at the Theater Heidelberg will be given on 07.06., 17.06., 20.06., 30.06. and 10.07.2017 (each at 7:30 PM).

28 May 2017
Theatre, Marguerre Hall, 7 PM
(Introduction to the concert: 6:15 PM)
German premiere of the original version: Mieczysław Weinberg
“Congratulations!”. Opera in two acts after the after the novelette
“Mazl tov” by Sholem Aleichem
(in Russian language with German supertitles)
Yona Kim (stage direction)
Heribert Germeshausen, Merle Fahrholz (dramaturgy)
Elisabeth Auerbach (Bejlja, cook)
Ks. Winfrid Mikus (Reb Alter, bookseller)
Gloria Rehm, Rinnat Moriah (Fradl, maid)
Ipča Ramanović (Chaim, flunky)
Irina Simmes (madame)
Supernumeraries of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg
Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg (Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra)
Olivier Pols (musical direction)


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