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World Premiere: Gerald Resch dedicates himself to “Gullivers Reise”

The Austrian composer Gerald Resch has completed the family opera “Gullivers Reise” (Gulliver’s Travel), freely adapted from Jonathan Swift’s classic of world literature “Gullivers Reisen” (Gulliver’s Travels). He was supported in this by the well-known dramatist John von Düffel, who wrote the libretto. The world premiere, undertaken by the Junge Oper Rhein/Ruhr in cooperation with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg and the Bonn Theatre, will be presented on 21 May 2017 at the Opernhaus Dortmund (Opera House). The performers will include Joshua Whitener as Gulliver as well as the orchestra, opera choir (conductor: Manuel Pujol) and the extras of the Dortmund Theatre under the direction of Ingo Martin Stadtmüller. The producer is Marcelo Diaz, with dramaturgy by Georg Holzer.

The plot:
After his ship has capsized in a storm, the young Gulliver is washed ashore on the beach of a strange island. The people are tiny here on Lilliput – or looked at the other way around, Gulliver is unimaginably large to these people. It is therefore no wonder that they fear this foreign giant and would like to hunt him down like a stranded whale. But the clever girl Vaniliput considers the intruder to be harmless and convinces her fellow citizens that they should first become acquainted with him. The good-natured Gulliver needs a very great deal of food by Lilliputian standards, but makes himself useful in return by driving away an enemy fleet from Lilliput’s coast. Through his peacefulness, however, he makes an enemy of the powerful Admiral Skyresch, who is only waiting for an opportunity to harm Gulliver. When Gulliver saves the burning royal palace by emptying the contents of his bladder onto it, the tolerance of both sides is put to a foul-smelling test.

Follow-up performances of “Gullivers Reise” at the Dortmund Opera House will take place on 23, 25 and 30 May as well as on 7, 11, 16, 18, 20 and 21 June 2017.

21 May 2017
Opera House, 4 PM
World premiere: Gerald Resch
“Gullivers Reise”. Family opera for children from eight years
freely adapted from Jonathan Swift’s novella “Gullivers Reisen”
John von Düffel (libretto)
Joshua Whitener (Gulliver)
Georg Holzer (dramaturgy)
Marcelo Diaz (stage direction)
Orchestra, opera choir and supernumeraries of the Theater Dortmund
Manuel Pujol (choir direction)
Ingo Martin Stadtmüller (musical direction)


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