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Benjamin Yusupov Awarded the Renowned ACUM Prize 2017 for His Life‘s Work

The Israeli Performing Rights Society ACUM awards annual prizes in various categories, including classical music, entertainment music and literature. The most important prize is awarded for the life‘s works of selected composers. This year‘s “ACUM” jury - Prof. Betty Olivero, Dr. Hagar Kadima and Dani Yuhas, who are all leading Israeli composers and academy professors - have selected the Russian-Israeli composer Benjamin Yusupov, just 54 years old, for this prize in 2017. He is a remarkable choice because the prize for a life‘s work is usually awarded to a much older composer.

The awards ceremony will take place on 29 March 2017 at the ACUM House in Tel Aviv (Tel-Aviv Port), where the concert mistress of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Evgeniya Pikovsky, will perform Benjamin Yusupov‘s piece entitled “Kineret” for violin and piano.


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