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World Premieres of Schachtner Works in Münster and Munich

The ‘Junge Ensemble für Neue Musik’ from Dortmund and Münster under the direction of Achim Fiedler will present the world premiere of the new etudes for small ensemble entitled “meta/morph I-V” by Johannes X. Schachtner on 17 February 2017 in Münster (Music Academy). At the same time, the Youth Ensemble will participate at the competition “Jugend musiziert” with this Schachtner work.

Johannes X. Schachtner describes his work “meta/morph I-V” as follows:
“The five-movement etude cycle ‘meta/morph’ was composed in the autumn of 2016 for an ensemble consisting of young musicians. The composition is based on a twelve-tone row by Anton Webern which is transformed into completely different shapes and textures during the course of the five movements. My compositional rule of play here was to regard this row more or less through the glasses of different contemporary aesthetics and schools of technique; thus the heterogeneity of contemporary music is not questioned in this case, but allowed to flourish as in Robert Schumann’s ‘Carnival’. In doing this, I have tried to design these five different compositional attempts so that they would be comprehensible and readily practicable for young musicians as well.”

Just ten days later, on 27 February 2017, the next world premiere by the Munich composer will take place at the Schwere Reiter Cultural Centre in Munich. The four trumpeters Matthew Sadler, Paul Hübner, Thilo Steinbauer and Saleem Khan will present Schachtner’s “Sammelsurium”  (Conglomeration) for one to four trumpet players.

The composer on “Sammelsurium”:
“At the moment, the trumpet is something of a newcomer in the New Music scene. Its technical and sonic possibilities were hardly developed any further for a long time, and players simply alternated between traditional orchestral tasks and the idiom of the jazz trumpet. My nine-movement cycle ‘Sammelsurium’, almost like a collection of curios, juxtaposes the most varied playing techniques, forms of expression and especially different kinds and sizes of trumpet-like instruments (from the valveless baroque trumpet and the soprano trombone to quarter-tone instruments), allowing a comical panorama of trumpet sounds to occur.”

17 February 2017
Music Academy, 8 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“meta/morph I-V”. Etudes for small ensemble
Junges Ensemble für Neue Musik, Dortmund/Münster
Achim Fiedler (direction)

27 February 2017
Schwere Reiter, 8 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Sammelsurium” for one to four trumpet players
Matthew Sadler, Paul Hübner, Thilo Steinbauer und
Saleem Khan (trumpets)


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