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New CD with one work for violin and one for viola by Jan Müller-Wieland

The violinist and violist Elisabeth Kufferath is touring through New Zealand and Germany in 2017 with two works by Jan Müller-Wieland. Now she has also made world premiere recordings of these two pieces “Libero, fragile” for violin solo and “Himmelfahrt” (Ascension) for viola solo on the GENUIN label. This CD also includes violin and viola works by Luciano Berio, Elliott Carter and György Kurtág. The piece “Libero, fragile” is the solo cadenza in Jan Müller-Wieland’s Violin Concerto “Ballad of Ariel”. The composer comments as follows: “The air-spirit Ariel’s singing occasionally leads to arpeggios in median harmonies. These, on the other hand, refer – in transformed and transmogrified form – to the Polish-Jewish Bänkel song and lullaby ‘Jankele’, in which a mother sings her small child to sleep.” Replying to the question as to how great he actually regards the difference between the violin and the viola, Jan Müller-Wieland states that the viola often has the effect of a violin with a very special, additional burden. “In ‘Himmelfahrt’ (Ascension), however, it wants to overcome everything and ascend to the highest heights – heights which are, if possible, redeeming or at least promising.”

Jan Müller-Wieland:
“Libero, fragile” for violin solo and “Himmelfahrt” for viola solo
Elisabeth Kufferath (violin and viola)
(Release date: 03.03.2017)


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