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”The Homecomer” by Jan Müller-Wieland Given World Premiere

Performances of compositions by Moritz Eggert and Jan Müller-Wieland (to celebrate their fiftieth birthdays) will be presented at an academy concert in the Reaktorhalle in Munich on 11 January 2017. Müller-Wieland’s “The Homecomer” - Tender March (Father Image) for tenor and piano to a text by Jan Müller-Wieland based on Joseph Roth and Paul Boldt will be given its world premiere. The tenor will be Frieder Lang, for whom Müller-Wieland wrote his Lied composition, accompanied and supported by Moritz Eggert at the piano.

Jan Müller-Wieland’s thoughts on his work “The Homecomer”:
“I wrote this text version based on poems of Joseph Roth and Paul Boldt and a passage from a novel by Joseph Roth. Its subject is the young man returning home from war. He has survived. Unfortunately or fortunately? His mother recognises him. It is basically the story of my father, who unexpectedly found his parents again in Berlin on Christmas 1949 although he had already been declared dead. His mother cooked bean soup for him whilst in shock. He had had beans for five years, if he got anything, during the daytime as a prisoner of the Soviets. It is actually similar to the Wolfgang Borchert story ‘Draußen vor der Tür’ (Outside by the Door).”

11 January 2017
Reaktorhalle, 7 PM
World premiere: Jan Müller-Wieland
“The Homecomer”. Tender March (Father Image) for tenor and piano
Text by Jan Müller-Wieland based on Joseph Roth and Paul Boldt
Frieder Lang (tenor)
Moritz Eggert (piano)


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