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Scenic World Premiere: Moritz Eggert’s Opera “Freax” at the Theater Regensburg

The long-awaited scenic world premiere of Moritz Eggert’s opera “Freax” at the Theater Regensburg will take place on 21 January 2017. Under the musical direction of Tom Woods, the soloists Matthias Laferi (tenor, Franz), Michaela Schneider (soprano, Isabella) and Matthias Wölbitsch (baritone, Hilbert Winter), together with the opera choir of the Theater Regensburg and the Regensburg Philharmonic Orchestra, will present the opera for the first time in scenic form at the Theater Regensburg (Theater am Bismarckplatz). Twelve more performances of “Freax” have been planned until the summer of 2017. The libretto was created by Hannah Dübgen.

The concertante premiere of “Freax” was already given on 2 September 2007 at the Theater Bonn, which, together with the Bonn Beethovenfest, commissioned this work from Moritz Eggert.

The piece was inspired by Tod Browning’s horror film classic “Freaks”. Like the film, the opera places handicapped people at the centre of attention, people who earn their living with freak shows.

The content of the opera:
In the artificially cut-off world of a show conceived as a mixture of circus and television entertainment which thrills its audience with so-called freax, people whose bodies do not correspond to the norm, a tragic love story unfolds. The dwarf Franz loves the tall, beautiful Isabella. But she is in love with Hilbert, the moderator of the show. Hilbert, for his part, loves great success. This is guaranteed by the freax – dwarfs, Siamese twins and hermaphrodites – who, not least due to their success with the public, are cut off and humiliated by their “normal” colleagues.
In a mixture of moving drama and biting satire, Franz‘ blind love and longing to escape permanent discrimination and to be accepted and loved as a man becomes a parable about the power of looks and about the fine line between hope and self-deception, closeness and betrayal.

On 15 January 2017 (at 7:30 PM) the Filmgalerie im Leeren Beutel is showing Tod Browning’s film “Freaks” of 1932 in cooperation with the Theater Regensburg. A discussion with the composer Moritz Eggert will take place immediately afterwards.

21 January 2017
Theater Regensburg, Theater am Bismarckplatz, 7:30 PM
Scenic world premiere: Moritz Eggert
“Freax”. Opera
Libretto: Hannah Dübgen
Matthias Laferi (tenor, Franz)
Michaela Schneider (soprano, Isabella)
Matthias Wölbitsch (baritone, Hilbert Winter)
and others
Opera choir of the Theater Regensburg
Regensburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Tom Woods (direction)


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