“Roots” - New Chamber Music Work by Lera Auerbach at the Hanover Accordion Festival

Lera Auerbach has recently composed a new work for violin and bayan entitled “Roots”, commissioned by the Hanover Accordion Festival and by request of the bayanist Elsbeth Moser. This chamber work, completed in 2016, will be given its world premiere as one of six new works to be performed at the Festival (23-27.11.2016) at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media at the concert “Neuland I” on 24 November 2016. The soloists of the “Roots” premiere will be Kathrin Rabus (violin) and Elsbeth Moser (bayan).

“Roots” is Lera Auerbach’s first composition for bayan.

Here is the programme notice of the Hanover Accordion Festival:

Musical variety. The acoustic possibilities of the accordion will be displayed at six chamber music performances. Renowned international composers have been called upon to search for motifs and sound images in their respective personal musical-cultural homelands, and to lend new expression to these in pieces for and with the accordion. Motifs from nature, from the physical environment and cultural regions are the models; Western and Eastern instruments are combined with the accordion; the new and the old are united to create the expected.

24 November 2016
University of Music, Drama and Media, Richard Jakoby Hall, 8 PM
(Introduction to the concert: 6:45 PM)
World premiere: Lera Auerbach
“Roots” for violin and bayan
Kathrin Rabus (violin)
Elsbeth Moser (bayan)


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