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String Quartets and Bass Clarinet Quintet by Ulrich Leyendecker on CD

The composer Ulrich Leyendecker, born in 1946, stated in an interview for the newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz” that the New Music should reconquer the sensual dimension. In his oeuvre, especially chamber music, the 70-year-old composer has provided many stimuli showing how this could be possible. The Minquet Quartet, which has also committed itself to the string quartets of Peter Ruzicka in exemplary fashion, has now made Deutschlandfunk recordings of Leyendecker‘s String Quartets Nos. 1 to 3 on the “musicaphon” label, as well as the striking Quintet for Bass Clarinet and String Quartet together with the clarinettist Volker Hemken. The mood is highly dramatic in both the Third String Quartet (in one movement) and in the first movement “Furioso ed appassionata” of the String Quartet No. 2. The Bass Clarinet Quintet opens up a stimulating palette of timbres. Leyendecker had already composed two etudes for bass clarinet in 1989; the Quintet was composed in the year 2000. The composer has commented on this work as follows: “(…) The relationships I process are no less rich than before, but the working process is primarily instinctive. It is precisely here that I see my relationship to tradition (…).” The movements of the Bass Clarinet Quintet are entitled: I. Largo cantabile,  II. Capriccio primo (veloce bruscamente); II Capriccio primo (veloce bruscamente) - Capriccio secondo (leggiero) - Capriccio terzo (veloce bruscamente) und III Tranquillo and III. Tranquillo.

The CD:
Ulrich Leyendecker: String Quartets Nos. 1-3,
Bass Clarinet Quintet
Volker Hemken (bass clarinet)
Minquet Quartet
musicaphon M 55724


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