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Krzysztof Meyer’s New Work Commissioned by the Kraków Philharmonic

The Polish composer Krzysztof Meyer has written his new orchestral work “Metamorphoses” in response to a commission in honour of the 70th jubilee of the Chopin Music School in Kraków. The Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Maciej Tranowski will perform the world premiere of the work on 30 September 2016 at the Kraków Philharmonic.

In this new orchestral work, Meyer has recourse to themes and motifs from his composition “Metamorphoses” for saxophone and piano written in 2004.

Krzysztof Meyer has supplied the following commentary on “Metamorphoses”:
“The ‘Metamorphoses’ are written for small orchestra and use a compositional technique with which I have been working for many years. The harmonic language based on symmetrical chords (alongside the interaction of sections functionally referring to the overall form of the piece) represents a fundamental principle of my compositional technique. The piece forms a cohesive whole but indicates a multi-sectional form. In the ‘Metamorphoses’ for small orchestra I deal again with those compositional problems that I have already posed in other pieces for chamber orchestra (‘Musique scintillante’ and ‘Musique de la lumière et de la pénombre’). And, as always: I have tried to further develop several technical methods used in the latest works whilst separating myself from those that did not produce satisfactory results.

30 September 2016
Philharmonic, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Krzysztof Meyer,
“Metamorphoses” for small orchestra
Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra
Maciej Tarnowski (direction)


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