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Portrait CD with Ensemble Works of Johannes X. Schachtner on NEOS

The Symphonic Essay for chamber ensemble by Johannes X. Schachtner begins almost shockingly, with a loud cluster. There follow disparate elements which are, however, consistently gleaned from the basic material and just as consistently developed. Already at first hearing the listener is struck by the work's enormous variety, allowing opposites to collide into each other but also combining and developing them in a wide variety of ways. Schachtner's musical language, whether in this work, in the wind piece “Air – To Samuel's Aerophone” or in the ballade “Aufstieg” (Ascent) for baritone and chamber ensemble to texts by Johannes Schwedes, has a great potential for movement.

A portrait CD with ensemble works, at the same time the debut CD of this composer on the NEOS label, presents a representative cross-section of Schachtner's production in excellent recordings. The performers are the vocal soloists Thérèse Wincent (soprano) and Peter Schöne (baritone) and especially the “Ensemble Zeitsprung”, a group that is closely associated with Schachtner and his work. In “Air – To Samuel's Aerophone”, Schachtner remotely refers to the wind chords at the opening of Richard Strauss's “Alpine Symphony”. One finds a good number of quotations or pseudo-quotations in Schachtner's music, which has caused the musicologist Norbert Niemann to make the following statement: “(...) Schachtner's compositions do not merely continue the paradigms of the New Music, the self-conception of which includes the break with tradition as an essential component, but behave as a part of continuity with respect to them, and as the most recent chapter of a music-historical legacy. The break itself thus becomes a part of history.”

The CD:
Johannes X. Schachtner:
Symphonic Essay, “Air – To Samuel's Aerophone”, Inventions III-V, “Aufstieg” (Ascent) Thérèse Wincent (soprano), Peter Schöne (baritone), Ensemble Zeitsprung
NEOS 11602


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