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All texts, illustrations and downloads on this website are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced, reused or used for commercial reasons without permission.

The biographies of Vyacheslav Artyomov, Edison Denissov, Alexander Knaifel, Ulrich Leyendecker, Tigran Manssurjan, Jens-Peter Ostendorf and Arvo Pärt have been kindly made available by EDITION TEXT+KRITIK
Illustration Rights

The copyrights of the photos reproduced on this page are held either by Sikorski Music Publishers or the authors indicated. If you would like to use one of the photos (for publications, etc.) please contact us. If we do not hold the copyright, please contact the author.

No unauthorised reproductions of the photos are permitted!

Note: Wherever possible, we have located the owners of all copyrights of the illustrations. If this has not succeeded sufficiently in individual cases or if there have been mistakes, we request that the author contact us so that we can immediately comply with justified demands.

Frangis Ali-Zadeh © Archive Sikorski
Jörn Arnecke © Bernd Thissen / RuhrTriennale
Vyacheslav Artyomov © Archive Sikorski
Alexander Arutiunian © Archive Arutiunian
Lera Auerbach © Friedrun Reinhold
Xiaoyong Chen © Verena Chen
Ferran Cruixent © Gerd Pfeiffer
Edison Denisov © Archive Sikorski
Moritz Eggert © Mara Eggert
Elena Firsova © Dmitri Smirnow
Grigori Frid © Archive Frid
Reinhold Glière © Archive Sikorski
Yaron Gottfried © Archive Gottfried
Sofia Gubaidulina © Archive Sikorski
Johannes Harneit © Barbara Aumüller
Guoping Jia © Li Yanwen
Efim Jourist © Archive Sikorski
Dmitri Kabalevsky © Archive Sikorski
Giya Kancheli © Priska Ketterer
Milko Kelemen © Nenad Turklj
Aram Khatchaturian © Archive Sikorski
Alexander Knaifel © Archive Sikorski
Marius Felix Lange © Johanna Brault
Dejan Lazic © Susie Knoll
Ulrich Leyendecker © Johanna Leyendecker
Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf © Gabriel Brand
Tigran Manssurian © Archive Sikorski
Alexi Matchavariani © Stéphane de Bourgies
Krzysztof Meyer © Archive Meyer
Jan Müller-Wieland © Jan Müller-Wieland
Manuel Munzlinger © David Beecroft
Marko Nikodijevic © Archive Nikodijevic
Jens-Peter Ostendorf © Claudia Bissinger
Arvo Pärt © Vivianne Purdom
Hans Poser © Archiv Sikorski
Sergei Prokofiev © Familie Prokofiev
Wenchen Qin © Xinhua Wu
Osmo Tapio Räihälä © Markku Pihlaja
Sergei Rakhmaninov © Boosey & Hawkes / Bote, Bock
Alexander Raskatov © Marie France Plissard
Gerald Resch © Anna Stöcher
Peter Ruzicka © Anne Kirchbach
Johannes X. Schachtner © Margret Hoppe
Stephan Marc Schneider © Archive Sikorski
Alfred Schnittke © Jürgen Köchel
Wolfgang von Schweinitz © Astrid Ackermann
Rodion Shchedrin © Archive Sikorski
Dmitri Shostakovich © Archive Sikorski
Dr. phil. Hans Sikorski © Paul Mathias Padua
Dmitri Smirnov © Jelena Firssowa
Viktor Suslin © Archive Sikorski
Katia Tchemberdji © Angela Zohlen
Awet Terteryan © Archive Sikorski
Manfred Trojahn © Dietlind Konold
Slava Ulanowski © Archive Sikorski
Galina Ustvolskaya © Archive Sikorski
Mieczyslaw Weinberg © Archive Weinberg
Lin Yang © Archive Sikorski
Viktor Yekimovsky © Archive Sikorski
Benjamin Yusupov © Archive Sikorski