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Schachtner wrote New Work for the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Max Reger


The composer Johannes X. Schachtner was commissioned to write a work, entitled “Palindrome”, for the Reger Days of the City of Weiden. This was undertaken to celebrate the Max Reger Year 2016, in which the music world commemorates the 100th anniversary of the death of the composer, who spent his childhood in Weiden, Upper Palatinate. “Palindrome” is part of an eight-movement clarinet quintet to which eight different composers (including Manfred Trojahn) each contributed one movement based on Reger’s last variation.

The world premiere will take place on 16 September 2016 in the Max Reger Hall in Weiden, performed by the clarinettist Wolfgang Meyer and the Carmina Quartet, consisting of Isabelle van Keulen (violin I), Ulrike Anima-Mathé (violin II), Volker Jacobsen (viola) and Gustav Rivinius (violoncello).

Johannes X. Schachtner comments on his work as follows:
“The point of departure of my variation is the characteristic of palindromes: a word can be read both forwards and backwards and sounds the same both ways.
My composition delves into the atmosphere of the final bars of Reger’s ‘Clarinet Quintet’ whilst using the technique of retrograde movement, thus playing with harmonic and sonic processes that wander in different directions. In so doing, it was interesting for me to pursue the way in which the reverse order of late-romantic harmonic processes is hardly perceived as more than an irritation. This language is so ‘freely-floating’ and unbound that it is, in any case, always at the point of losing all connection to the tonal centre.
My composition is more a speculative and aural way of thought continuation - a ‘further groping’ - than a variation.”

Further performances are planned for 30 October 2016 in Karlsruhe at the Festival “ZeitGenuss” and in Salzburg.

16 September 2016
Max Reger Hall, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner,
“Palindrome”. Aratic Variation (Relief No. 5) for clarinet
and string quartet
Wolfgang Meyer (clarinet)
Carmina Quartet:
Isabelle van Keulen (violin I)
Ulrike Anima-Mathé (violin II)
Volker Jacobsen (viola)
Gustav Rivinius (violoncello)


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