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World Premiere: New Version of Frid‘s “The Diary of Anne Frank” for four instruments


During the course of the Crusell Music Festival in the Finnish town Uusikaupunki (23 till 30 July 2016) Grigori Frid’s mono-opera “The Diary of Anne Frank” will be premiered on 28 July 2016 in a new version for four instruments. The Arranger of this version is Teppo Ali-Mattila.

The performers will be Mia Huhta (Anne Frank, soprano), Johannes Piirto (piano), Paula Sundqvist (violin), Christoffer Sundqvist (clarinet) and Markus Hohti (violoncello).

On 22 September 2015 the musical world commemorated the 100th birthday of Grigori Frid († 22.09.2012), the great Russian composer and creator of the mono-opera “The Diary of Anne Frank”, who wrote his work in 1969 based on the diary text of Anne Frank. The work presents a shattering chronicle of the Jewish girl’s life situation; she lived hidden with her family from 1942 to 1944 in flight from the Nazi regime. Grigori Frid selected individual aspects that deal far more with Anne’s entirely subjective perception than with the outward circumstances.

28 July 2016
Cultural Centre Cruselli, 6 PM
World premiere: Grigori Frid / Teppo Ali-Mattila
“The Diary of Anne Frank”. Mono-opera in two acts (new version for four instruments)
Mia Huhta (Anne Frank, soprano)
Johannes Piirto (piano)
Paula Sundqvist (violin)
Christoffer Sundqvist (clarinet)
Markus Hohti (violoncello)


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