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Reinhold Glière: 60th Anniversary of His Death on 23 June 2016

The works catalogue of the Russian composer Reinhold Glière is very extensive. The composer, conductor and music pedagogue, who was born in 1874 in Kiev and died in 1956 in Moscow, wrote 170 piano works, 130 Lieder, ballets and operas. Not all of these works have been able to establish themselves on international concert programmes, but the following works have indeed done so: the ballet “Red Poppy”, the Horn Concerto completed in 1950, the Harp Concerto and the striking Concerto for Coloratura Soprano and orchestra composed in 1942.

On 23 June 2016 the music world will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the death of Reinhold Glière, who as composer and pedagogue had a considerable influence on Russian music history during the first half of the 20th century and was held in especially high esteem by Sergei Prokofiev. Glière, born on 30 December 1874, was the son of an instrument builder and learned to play the violin at an early age. He began attending the Kiev Music School in 1891, then studied from 1894 to 1900 at the Moscow Conservatory under professors as Ippolitov-Ivanov, Arensky and Taneyev. From 1905 to 1907 Reinhold Glière spent two years in Berlin, where he was trained as a conductor by Otto Fried. When he returned to Russia, he became a successful conductor and began teaching at the conservatories in Kiev and Moscow. His best-known pupils were Sergei Prokofiev, Nikolai Miaskowsky and Nikolai Rakov.

Glière, who initially composed in the style of the Russian nationalist school, also occupied himself with folk music of the Trans-Caucasus and Central Asian regions.

The popular and frequently performed Concerto for Coloratura Soprano and orchestra has been frequently adapted. There is a version for trumpet and orchestra by Timofei Dokschizer and one for Oboe and orchestra by Julian Yu.


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