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Johannes X. Schachtner: “Florilegium” Given World Premiere

In 2015 the Munich composer Johannes X. Schachtner received a composition commission for the 9th International Violin Competition Leopold Mozart in Augsburg (3 -14 May 2016). Schachtner completed his work “Florilegium” (Hommage à Leopold Mozart) during the same year. The world premiere will now be given on 13 May 2016 at the competition during the course of the prize winners’ chamber music concert at the Augsburg Town Hall.

Leopold Mozart is being honoured at this competition, one of the world’s most prestigious violin competitions and held every three years. Leopold Mozart was born in Augsburg and was a magnificent teacher of his famous son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The year of his son’s birth also saw the publication of Leopold Mozart’s important violin method in Augsburg, a work that has experienced a Renaissance during recent years thanks to historical performance practice.

Johannes X. Schachtner’s comments on “Florilegium” are as follows:
“Anthologies were an important subject during the lifetime of Leopold Mozart. All knowledge was to be collected and made available; Mozart’s ‘Treatise on the Fundamentals of Violin Playing’ is also to be regarded in this context. My ‘Florilegium’ (the Latin word for ‘Anthology’ – 'Blossom Collection') is linked to this tradition. I collected more or less loose 'blossoms', i.e. individual turns of phrase and gestures from Leopold Mozart’s violin method, and from books that also take the expanded techniques of present-day violin playing into consideration. Over the course of the compositional process, I attempted to arrange this – in a double sense of the word – ‘blossom collection’ and to transfer it into my own language. Ultimately, an album piece was to be written in which the sound of the violin is allowed to blossom forth in all its varied facets … including prickly thorns!”

13 May 2016
Town Hall, Golden Hall, 7 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Florilegium” (Hommage à Leopold Mozart) for violin solo
Ziyu He (violin)


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